Paediatrics, neonatology, Consultations
Dr BERLIOZ BAUDOIN: + 377 97 98 95 47
Other consultations: +377 97 98 84 03

Paediatric emergencies: +377 97 98 95 33

Hospitalization unit : + 377 97 98 95 55

Head of Service Dr Michèle BERLIOZ BAUDOIN
Consultations Allergology: Dr BERLIOZ BAUDOIN
– Pneumology: Dr BERLIOZ BAUDOIN and Dr MOREAU
– Obesity: Dr SALVIGNOL
– Endocrinology: Dr GASTAUD
– Neurology: Dr BILLIAUX
– Paediatric hepatology and metabolic disorders: Dr LAURENT
– Neonatalogy: Dr BERLIOZ BAUDOIN and Dr ROUSSET
– Paediatric Psychiatry: Dr COMPAN
Activities The Paediatric Department has 10 child beds for treating all common paediatric pathologies, along with 4 neonatology beds for treatment of premature infants from 32 weeks and common neonatal pathologies.
Medical team

Head of Service


Deputy Head of Service

  • Dr Jocelyne LAURENT
  • Dr André ROUSSET

Staff Physicians

  • Dr Jean-Yves BALLY-BERARD
  • Dr Ludovic MOREAU
  • Dr Amandine BILLIAUX
  • Dr Meryl HORWITZ

Occasional Practitioners

  • Dr Frédérique GASTAUD
  • Pr Jean BREAUD
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive :

  • Mrs Corinne LORENZI

Healthcare Executive:

  • Mrs Marie-Laure SENEQUE
Information The CHPG’s Paediatric Department is part of the Birth Safety Network. All risks of premature labour pre-32 weeks are transferred to the Nice CHU University Hospital. All new-borns requiring intensive care are transferred to the CHU’s paediatric neonatal unit. The infants return to the CHPG once the required level of care allows.

The CHPG works closely with the paediatric structures at the Lenval Foundation and L’Archet Hospital for highly specialised cases.

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