The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (CHPG) is Monaco’s only public hospital. Its mission is to provide all patients with personalised care, quality treatment and accommodation commensurate with the Principality’s prestigious standing.

Throughout your stay, the hospital staff will ensure you receive the highest standards of care and advice regarding decisions about your health, all in complete confidentiality.

Quality care and treatment of patients and their entourage are part of the core values of the CHPG.

Download the Welcome Booklet


The Welcome Booklet will help you prepare for your arrival and stay at the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace. It contains comprehensive practical information and details about the formalities involved, from arrival to discharge.

Demande de documents médicaux

In the Principality of Monaco, (pursuant to act 1353 of 4/12/08, amending Act 1165 of 23/12/93 on data protection, and Sovereign Ordinance 2230 of 19/06/09), patients are entitled to access their medical records. All information on treatment and care provided to you will be collated in a personal file, the contents of which are covered by strict medical confidentiality. You may access your medical file either directly or via your doctor, by submitting a written request to the Director of the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace. Should you wish to obtain copies, you will be asked for a contribution to the administrative costs involved.

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